Between Heels: Insta Week: Christmas is comming!!


Insta Week: Christmas is comming!!

Christmas is comming at home! 
I love this sweet place in Madrid.
 Sweet Christmas w/ friends!
 Funny Fridays
I love this, after a family lunch...
 The best way to star a weekend!

Pure love
 Pero contigo...
Amazing Christmas Tree!!

 I really love Christmas...
 Happy bday to my best friend ever!!
Madrid is wonderfull in Christmas...
 I really want one of this!!

For the best company in Christmas #family #friends

 I love this thing to my sweet home!

An amazing surprise from Brockmans in my house!! #secretparty

Healthy dinner...

Esto es como siempre un resumen de mi semana.

¿Cómo fue la vuestra? Espero que igual de dulce...

With love, María.

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